Brake for Aussies
Mona and Jesse Brake
Phone: 417-742-2249
Mobile 417-299-0976

We would first like to thank you for visiting our website!

Let me start out with congratulating you on your choice of pets.  These wonderful dogs, capable
of everything from being your cheapest hired hand,  to being top on your list of favorite things to
love are one of the most intelligent and loving breeds available. We are sure that your choice
will be rewarded over and over again in the years to come.

We are located approximately 20 miles from Springfield, Missouri, and live in the country.

We own acreage next to a conservation area, where we enjoy the simpler life, and all that it has
to offer.

Our dogs are registered with AKC and ASCA (The Australian Shepherd Club of America).  All of
our Aussies are pets, not kennel dogs.

They all live inside and outside. We sometimes find ourselves tripping over each other, but it is a
small price to pay compared to having their constant companionship.  We do not kennel our
dogs, except when necessary for training them, or having to separate because of heat issues.
We will not sell to anyone who is planning on their dog living a life in a kennel. It will seem as if
we ask you many questions before selling a pup.

We are very protective of our babies, and only want to assure that they will go to the best of
homes. We do not want any of our dogs to end up in a shelter.

We do not sell to pet shops, or brokers, and will not consider such a transaction.  Our main
objective when we have pups is to place them in loving homes that will enjoy them and interact
with them as much as we do.  Aussies are happy as family pets, or as working dogs.

They were originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, and other livestock.
We have kept these original qualities in our lines by picking what we consider to be one of the
best and oldest lines available, Las Rocosa.
Not only have the Hartnagle family devoted much of their lives, (generations, in fact) to
producing a quality stock dog without defects, but they are also wonderful people.

On our index page, we will list several publications authored by the Hartnagle family, and
encourage any new or old Aussie owner to purchase them.

They are, in my opinion, the most informational about the breed.  We do understand that things
come up in life, such as illness, or death. If you find that circumstances  arise that are too difficult
to overcome, we would like to ensure that our dog will not go to a shelter.

Please check with us before considering a shelter.  We will be glad to try to find another home
for the dog.

With all that said, we would love to have you check out our dogs, and our puppies!

Thanks again for visiting us.


Jesse and Mona Brake