We started out with wanting a new pet.  We purchased an Aussie, Sydney,
and have been in love with them since.  It started as seeing him, a beautiful
black tri-colored, come running across the barn, with those beautiful brown,
almond shaped eyes just dancing with excitement.  His hair coat was the
softest thing I had ever felt, and my husband and I instantly fell in love.  

As Syd grew up into the handsome boy that he is today, our interested just
exploded.  We read publications, books, anything we could get our hands
on.  We simply could not get enough.  We went back, and eventually
purchased three more Aussies that are all our pets.  We fixed them, and
were content with city life, and all of our dogs.  

Two years ago, we decided to move to Willard, Missouri.  Tiring of the city
life, we wanted to move closer to our family, and change our lifestyles.  
When we purchased our acreage, we knew the time was right to purchase
Stella, a beautiful red merle that is mostly a Las Rocosa line girl.  We had a
litter of pups, and they were just beautiful.  We met so many nice people
through selling her pups, and yet, we didn't just want to sell pups.  We
purchased another female named Heartbreak Las Rocosa, and began
obedience and agility with her.  We also purchased a male named Timber,
that will be our sire.  Our goals now have become a bit more involved.  We
are taking classes in obedience and agility,  and have taken some herding
classes.  We have not become involved in conformation at this point, but are
considering it as well.  

The lines that we have picked from are healthy genetically.  They have
shown no signs of eye issues, hip dysplasia, or epilepsy, some of the
maladies that are occurring in so many of the Australian Shepherd lines.  
These diseases are terrible, and we have done everything we can to make
sure that we have picked healthy pets for ourselves, and  that will produce
healthy offspring.  

There are, though, several breeders that have not done this.  If the people
that you speak to about purchasing an Aussie have not addressed these
issues, and if they have not done everything they can to eliminate them from
their lines that they are producing, then it would seem clear that protecting
the breed is not their main objective.  We make it our goal to protect our
dogs from harms way, and much of this is evident in the choices that we
make when purchasing our dogs.  The homework that has gone in to these
choices has been well worth it.  The pups need two things to grow into
outstanding companions:  a healthy, genetic base that allows for the pup to
be free of genetic flaws, and socialization.

Aussies are very trusting, and have an ability to bond with you in a way that
I cannot put into words.  We spend every day with our dogs, and our pups,
hours each day.  They, in return trust us, and others.  When they are ready
to go their new homes, they are ready to hit the ground running.  They will
not be exhibit fear factors, and they will not be stunted emotionally, like a
pup that has been raised in a crate.  They will put their trust in you
completely.  Pups that have been raised with no socializing will not have put
their trust in people, and will take some time to overcome these issues.  
Please keep this in mind, and don't support puppy mills.  There are several
outstanding breeders out there, and we are more than happy to assist you
to find one of them rather than to support a puppy mill.
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